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Meet Sharif Butler

Sharif Butler - Clutch Consultations

Meet Sharif Butler

Sharif holds degrees in X,Y,Z and his education led him to become a therapist and life coach who is dedicated to the healing and guidance of others. However, his training did not begin in the Halls of the University. His training began on the basketball court. 

Sharif grew up in a family of athletes where sports was their language and basketball was their dialect. Through basketball his family expressed collective love and respect. On the court they were fierce competitors but off the court they are a family taking care of one another. Early on coaches challenged his definition of achievements and teammates taught him the importance of humility. During his high school years on the Towson Catholic Basketball team Sharif won All District, All City and the State Championship. Experiencing such accomplishments at a young age showed Sharif that anything was possible. 

Sharif states ” looking back, I was a gifted athlete but I lacked insight, discipline, and most importantly, the understanding that my success on the court was not above my academic and emotional development.”


It would be years before Sharif sustained several knee injuries playing basketball at Texas Christian University that would bring him face to face with the simple truth, the body is a tool of the mind and to achieve greatness an athlete must invest in both equally. This realization set Sharif on the path of discipline and endurance that he walks clients through today.

Upon his return to the east coast, Sharif enrolled in Temple University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree that would open a gateway to the compelling field of human behavior. His studies at Temple University led him to be a working therapist in Philadelphia where he applied the lessons from his youth to create a tutoring and development program for athletes in the region. A vital reason for creating the program was that the Philadelphia public school system was suffering from a lack of male role models. The program gave Sharif the opportunity to step up and lead by example. Sharif keep an open door policy to steer students towards long term success that is rooted in self confidence and self worth.

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